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Is Cialis Black 800 mg too large of a dose?

One tablet of Tadalafil Black contains 800 mg of tadalafil, which is significantly more than other pills with tadalafil. Logically, many people wonder if taking a dose that high makes sense. After all, we all know it's always best to be taking the lowest efficient dose. If regular Cialis works for you, is there really a reason to take Generic Tadalafil at 800 mg?

Buying Cialis Black in Australia and New Zealand

It all has to do with the fact a company called Lilly USA has owned patent rights to the name "tadalafil" since the time it was approved by the FDA. The patent expires in 2016, and only then will numerous manufacturers be able to make and legally sell drugs that contain the word "tadalafil" in New Zealand and Australia.

How likely are side effects due to taking tadalafil at 800 mg?

Since the dose is quite high, many patients wonder if side effects represent a real problem. It makes sense that a dosage that high would cause side effects worse than a lower dosage would, but what is the real situation?