How likely are side effects due to taking tadalafil at 800 mg?

Cialis Black is a popular erectile dysfunction medicine that contains tadalafil as its active ingredient. Tadalafil is a PDE5 inhibitor that works in the body by increasing the blood flow in the penile tissues. As a result of that mechanism of action, the patient can develop firmer and more durable erections when taking Cialis Black prior to having sex. What makes Black Tadalafil different from other ED drugs and even regular Cialis is the dosage: every pill contains 800 mg of tadalafil. Therefore, this meds is a highly efficient drug that can work even for patients with severe forms of erectile dysfunction that did not respond to other drugs or dosages. Since the dose is quite high, many patients wonder if side effects represent a real problem. It makes sense that a dosage that high would cause side effects worse than a lower dosage would, but what is the real situation?

It's important to remember that any drug, no matter how safe it is and how many institutions it has been approved by, can cause side effects. Side effects are unavoidable, because they represent a reaction of our body to the new medicine we are taking. For the most part, these will be minor side effects likely to go away on their own or unlikely to bother you too much.

That of course if they occur at all. After all, all drugs are approved after a series of trials with thousands of volunteers taking the drug at different dosages and reporting any side effects they develop. Drugs you see available would simply not have been approved if there had been common severe side effects, or even if moderate or mild side effect had been too common. The drugs you can purchase online or at your local pharmacy cause side effects in a very small number of patients, usually 1-5%.

Medication contains a larger amount of the active ingredient that any pill of regular Cialis does. Regular Cialis can cause heartburn, acid stomach, stomach upset or discomfort and indigestion. Other side effects some patients report include dry or itching eyes, neck pain, runny nose, nasal congestion, loose stools, fever, hoarseness, eye pain, congestion, sleeplessness and dry mouth. All those are mild side effects that usually do not require consulting your doctor, as they will go away on their own in most cases. Tadalafil Black may have the same side effects of the same intensity, because the active ingredient is the same.

It's like eating something you are allergic too: you will have a reaction no matter if you had one peanut or a handful. Black Tadalafil may cause the same side effects you had when taking regular Cialis, but the opposite is also true: if you had no side effects when taking regular Cialis, you will have none when taking Tadalafil Black, because your body is "fine" with the active ingredient.

Some patients may develop more severe side effects when taking Generic Tadalafil because a higher dose may interact with other prescription medications they are using. Even if you develop side effects with Black Tadalafil though, the good news is that they go away on their own in most cases and there is no need to contact your doctor about them.