Is Cialis Black 800 mg too large of a dose?

Cialis Black is a breakthrough formula that contains tadalafil, a famous PDE5 inhibitor known for its beneficial effects in patients with erectile dysfunction. Black Cialis works by causing more blood to enter the tissues of the penis, expanding them and resulting in a firm erection. Erectile dysfunction occurs when that blood escapes back into the body too soon.

Tadalafil makes sure the blood stays trapped in the tissues of the penis for longer, providing for a firmer and more durable erection no matter the cause of erectile dysfunction. One tablet of Tadalafil Black contains 800 mg of tadalafil, which is significantly more than other pills with tadalafil. Logically, many people wonder if taking a dose that high makes sense. After all, we all know it's always best to be taking the lowest efficient dose. If regular Cialis works for you, is there really a reason to take Generic Tadalafil at 800 mg?

Cialis Black is not a brand name per se, because it's not a registered trademark. It's called that way to make sure everyone understands what they are about to take (since there are other PDE5 inhibitors that can treat erectile dysfunction, sildenafil and vardenafil). Tadalafil is considered the most efficient one of all, giving you up to 36 hours of efficiency and a shorter response period. The reason why this dosage appeared at all is simple: the regular dosages of Cialis did not work for all patients. According to the manufacturer, Cialis works for 80% of patients with erectile dysfunction, no matter how severe it is.

Medication available at 800 mg works for everyone, because the dosage is high enough to overcome the symptoms. In addition to improving the hardness and durability of erections, Black Tadalafil is said to boost sexual stamina and intensify pleasure by increasing the sensitivity of the penis.

Many people are worried because Tadalafil Black is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration, but that does not mean its quality is low or it's not efficient. An FDA approval is a costly process that can take years, so there is really no point in going through all the trouble just to prove that tadalafil works, again. In fact, you can find thousands of user testimonials that describe the amazing effects of Black Tadalafil. Many men managed to get their erectile dysfunction symptoms under control by using Generic Tadalafil at the dose of 800 mg, after failing to achieve success taking lower dosages. So far, there have been no reports of anyone overdosing, and the side effects, if they occur at all, are the same as those occurring in patients taking the lowest doses of tadalafil. Of course, that does not mean you can take Black Cialis several times a day or take a few pills at a time. It only means that you can take this ED drug safely, making sure you follow the directions on the label.

Also, if you have any chronic conditions, it's best to discuss taking Cialis Black with your health care provider in advance. To conclude, 800 mg can be safely taken by most patients, although some of them may need to consult their doctor.